Need help setting Static IP Address

I have a Max BR1 and using a Yacht Devices YDWG NMEA gateway in Client Mode and connected to the router. I cannot figure out how to extend the lease for the devices connection or set it as a static IP.

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To fix a lease on the YD Gateway open the web page of your BR1, top row, click on “Status”, then on the left-hand side click “Client List”, then locate the client and click the little “tag” and set the name and IP.

You can also extend DHCP leases under Network, click the “Untagged LAN”, and scroll down to the Lease Time,

Don’t forget to click “Apply Changes” once done

Bonus information,
You can setup InControl2 InTouch and reach the Web Gauges interface remote for the YachtDevices to monitor your vessel remotely… Very cool!


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Thank you for getting back so quick. Unfortunately for that YDWG device, that tab is not available in the Client list…. Only ban client is available. The tab is available for other clients. Is it something to do with how I set up the YDWG device when I initiated Client Mode?

Have a look under your Network page & DHCP Server page.
Normally if there’s no “tag” icon it’s becuase it’s already reserved.

Check that and see what it shows you.


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It is not listed there. And in the Clients list it shows 24 hour leases…but it did renew today.

Hi Harley,

I would extend DHCP Lease time to 14 days - this gives you some time to sort out anyway.

Then when renews, fix it under the client list.

Again, don’t forget to click “Apply changes”.


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