Need help configuring HD1 + Sim Injector +TP-Link wifi router

Good evening. I have installed a HD1 to a sim injector, and the sim injector to a TP Link wifi access point. I had a AC-Mini, but that one is not powering up, so the TP link is my backup. It is POE from Sim injector to the HD1.

When I connect to the TP Link router, and go to, the webpage goes to the TP Link webpage. ANy thoughts or help would be great.

Thank you

please try to configure your TP-Link to DHCP on its WAN port. Don’t forget to disable the DCHP Server on the TP Link if it is active.
Best wishes

I disabled the DHCP server on the TPlink, I believer DHCP is enabled on the WAN port. When I go to, it just gives me s blank page where it says site cannot be reached.