Need GPS raw data send out on UDP or TCP packet unicast

The BR1 router is clearly 4th generational and can jump past the current public safety industry front runner utility Assocaites Rocket Rotuer. All Peplink has to do is continuous transmits GPS raw data on a TCP or UDP port. Current all that Peplink offers is a GPS partner has to read on port 60660 or use PEWAVE’s free program and read and sends on a virtual comm port which is so 1st generation.

I uploaded a picture of GPS partner Radio-IP so you can see what they expeced as input UDP or TCP on a port.

I can be contacted via cell # 352-205-1383


Thanks for your feedback :up: we will work with you to support this.

Thanks Kurt,
Thanks, Let me know when you’ll need me to start test this new feature.


Sure thing, Keith. Thanks for your support.

Hi there,

that sounds interesting. But GPS over SNMP would be a better alternative for us, because we use the monitoring solution Zabbix via SNMP.
I think GPS over SNMP is more flexible.


I see the new beta version for testing, has this new function to send GPS over UDP packet been added

Keith Bonn

Not available on the new 6.1 beta yet, Keith, but we are planning to add this in the next 6.1.1 or coming release. We are now taking a long look at the technical details behind this feature and with your help I think we can expedite this.

I will check with the engineering team and get you in the loop on this.

Hi Team - This will be a very valuable feature that many of our competitors offer. It is a must for many in the public safety that we have been working with. Keep up the great work and the quick response to client needs.


Any update on this? We are also needing raw GPS data to be sent to our CAD for AVL purposes.

Never mind, I figured out that the Peplink virtual com utility doesn’t work. I had to create a script to manually run the com2tcp app and the GPS is functioning perfectly.