Need Function on FusionHub

i need Function Inbound Access.
because i need forword port to Peer Pepvpn.
and add Public IP on Wan over than 1 IP.
because i want use Nat Mapping to 1 Public IP = 1 Pepvpn.
FusionHub have function or solution support ?

These features are supported in Balance but not FusionHub. I will move your post to feature request.

Function Support Soon?
i buy because i think function seem peplink balance.
pls quickly update function.
i buy VPS 1 year but Function not have.
so sad…

We already put this into feature request. We have no time frame about the release date yet.

We need this too!
We have CCTV installed on yachts and busses which requires remote access for live viewing.
Our plan was to run the remote access via FusionHub down SpeedFusion to the end devices (HD4)
Main reason for wanting to use FusionHub was been able to have a static IP address while the end device is on the move and constantly changing IP addresses which DyDNS is unable to keep up with.
Not having port forwarding in the FusionHub has made this plan not possible.
We don’t want to have to run another virtual device just for port forwarding!
Best Regards

We got your points. We are working on a preview version with Port Foward (but not 1-to-1 NAT mapping). Should be available very soon.

Please get the preview firmware with Port Forwarding here.
Instructions to upgrade your FusionHub.
You can configure Port Forwarding rules under Network -> Port Forwarding.

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Awsome! Thanks for the rapid response and implementation!

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