Need feedback and skills from advanced users of multi wan router


I’m not yet a customer from pep link…Before proceed to buy one. I need some feedback from other users. And maybe some skills !

We are a post-production studio facilities in Belgium. And we have to handle bigger files day after day from and to our client, situated in other countries, where internet speed is more advanced. In Belgium, we are a bit late in the internet fast speed like optical fiber. The better we have for a correct price is VDSL lines.

We have to satisfy with line as 20MBits in Down, and 2 MBits in up. The symmetrical is a way too expensive.

We have to stay focus on gateway system like pep link or other multi wan system.

So now we are working with 2 WAN. So it’s about 2x20Mibts in Down, and 2x2MBits in up !

My request is :

Is it possible, with pep link system, to aggregate several wan ? = YES.

BUT when we are using local ftp server behind this kind of system and client have to take some big files from us, it’s only using one WAN. Not Both !!!

Otherwise, when we are downloading big files from internet, from our client, it’s working with both.

So we are using almost 40 MBits in download…but client still have only the half of the upload speed…so 2Mbits…

It’s not very a serious speed to handle MXF files of 40 or 100 gigabytes !

How can I resolve this kind of problem ?

Thanks for Help !!!

Laurent from Belgium

PS: Sorry for grammatical faults…

Here is what you can do:

1 - Inbound Load Balancing

Instead of giving out a IP address to your client, you should use inbound load balancing by assigning a DNS record. So when your client visit, sometimes it gives out IP A, sometimes IP B, thus load balance between your outgoing 2Mbps + 2Mbps. Your client can improve download speed further if they use download manager software, they will be able to get your 100G file using both IP A and IP B at the same time.

2 - Peplink Site-to-Site VPN Bonding

Of course, you can also consider adding another Peplink at the other site, then bandwidth between both sites will get bonded all the times.

Feel free to let us know if you have additional questions.