Need drop-in mode in a tagged VLAN on LAN

I am deploying some Peplink balance 710/305 with speedfusion
My fault tolerance design calls for pass a vlan tag in drop-in mode between LAN and WAN1. I can assign a VLAN tag on WAN1. But in LAN - Network Settings, when I tried to add a VLAN, drop-in mode is not available. It seems to be only available to a non-tagged LAN.

Does anyone know a solution to this? I am running v7.1.2. I wonder if V8 beta 3 has this feature. It will be nice if Peplink is able to enable Drop-in mode for trunking in LAN and allows virtual IPs in each vlan.

Drop-in is supported in Untagged LAN only. I move this thread to feature request for the team to take consideration.

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Thank you.
So for now, instead of using VLANs, I am going to have to stuff multiple IP subnets in a non-tagged LAN with multiple sub-interfaces defined on the other (non-Peplink) router to address my LAN Bypass fault tolerance scenarios.

Hello friends! Will there be a solution for this?
it would be nice to be able to handle Drop-in on several interfaces

Greetings to all!