Need advise on Public DNS and Peplink


Hello all,

Can anyone assist me on the following… assuming i havw 2 internet lines connected to peplink305 and it is load balancing some of our dns -> for example where either internet IPs connected to it will respond.

For the public DNS, i have added A records for the peplink -> example where it will point to the peplink, however how will i get to work? or how will i get the public nameservers to know about this, since is not in the public DNS list

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I am confused by your request. For users behind the Peplink, the load balancing will automatically use the external DNS server assigned to the WAN port in use at the time. No further action is required.

If you have a server on your internal LAN, and you want your users to access the server via a URL name, you can enter the name and URL on Network > LAN settings > DNS Proxy > Local DNS records. Of course that entire box has to be enabled.

It sounds like you are seeking advice on how to edit a registrar like GoDaddy for use outside your LAN. On your registrar’s DNS settings (not in your Peplink router), you will need to create an A-record for, which points to the numeric external IP address you plan to use for your mail server. That is typically a unique IP used only for the mail server, not the same one you would use to externally manage your router.

On the registrar you also need to create an MX record with a host of @ (the at sign), which points to

With the registrar changes made, within an hour users outside your LAN can type into their browser and be pointed to the external IP address of your Peplink router. At that point the router needs port mapping in order to connect the request to a mail server sitting on your LAN. It may also need a change in your inbound firewall depending on your current firewall settings.


Hello @Clement,
Are you referring to the options in the higher end balance routers to act as a Domain Name Authority as seen in these options?

There are guides here in the forum and also on the Peplink website.

Our fellow Peplink Partners and ourselves here in Australia have worked with these options. One issue we have recently found locally is the largest Australian carrier/IP (Telstra) is blocking access to port 53 at the end points (customer sites) required for this to work correctly. We have one client considering legal options to get this opened up with the carrier, the reason for the blockage is to reduce malicious activity on the carriers networks unfortunately this is affecting business with legitimate needs for this service especially those reliant on the carriers cellular/mobile network.

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Hi Don, Marcus

To share i am using speednames… Understand the name servers for peplinks will be pointed via A records in public DNS, however if you have something like and u would like it to be load balanced then u need to do the following NS NS

problem now it seems that public name servers dont seem to be able to do the following, so wondering any way round it if i should consider using public DNS?




I’m a bit confuse for your issue. Are you referring to inbound load balance for A record or MX record. For email (SMTP), we are using MX record for the fail over.

Normally for MX records, you only need to define MX1 is for WAN1 public IP, MX2 is for WAN2 public IP at the public DNS server. Would you please clarify ?