Need advice for Pepwave Sus-soho


I am new and have an issue. The house we bought was preset up with a Surf Soho pepwave router. We have no hard wired internet so we have only a hot spot. We contacted the previous owners to get the password for the pepwave and they told us to just hard reset. No we can’t see the pepwave and no SSID number I can find on router. Laptop does not have LAN capabitilies so can’t log into the router. Can’t figure out how to remotely log into router to set up and connect to our hotspot. Any advise would be appreciated!



You can factory reset the Pepwave Surf SOHO by pressing the reset button on the backside of the device.
It’s located on the left of antenna connector B.

The factory default WiFi password should be the last 8 digits of the LAN MAC, which is uppercase sensitive.
You should be able to find the LAN MAC on a silver sticker on the bottom of the device.
Atleast, that’s the case with my Pepwave Transit DUO.
If I’m wrong on this, feel free to correct me.

The standard IP address is and the default login and password are ‘admin’.
You can find the manual here: Pepwave Surf SOHO MK3 Firmware 7 Manual.pdf (5.1 MB)


Joey, I think they indicated they don’t have wired capability. I’ll have to dig into the manual myself, but I don’t believe the soho responds on wireless after a hard reset (unless it sets up a SSID and password).

There are a few ways around this that I can think of at the moment, but they require a piece of hardware. I’m assuming the laptop has a USB connector. There are devices to turn a USB port into a wired LAN connection, which you could then attach to the router and log in.


You should able to find the info at the Quick Start Guide (Device Gift box)


Thanks for the information sitloongs! It definitely sounds familiar now that you bring it up. Would be a good thing to add to the SOHO MK3 manual (the one Joey linked to above). My apologies Joey, you were right on the money with the information on the default wireless password. I had totally forgotten about the default SSID/password (doesn’t help that I run as much wired as I can and only use wireless where required).