Need advice before purchase

New to Peplink and here is my situation

I am looking for a solution for several large truck stops/ travel centers located in rural areas near interstate highways that need constant connectivity to run fuel transactions, credit card processing etc.

The primary Isp is not reliable and the connection drops out frequently so have multi wan routers configured with failover to a cellular verizon novatel t1114 modem with external yagi antennas, the problem is when the internet drops out it takes several minutes to for the device to fail over and in between that time transactions get lost so need a solution that will instantly failover from the main isp to the back up cellular.

Also the back up option the verizon t1114 modem is not reliable as well so in doing some research it seems like I can replace that with something like the Br1, will I be able to connect 2 external yagi antennas to the Br1 to gain signal?

So basically I need to replace my multi wan router and cellular modem, any advice would be greatly appreciated on what products will be my best option.


Hi @revenknight99,

Thanks for the detailed information about your case.

We recently completed a case just like this, not with truck stops, but with retail stores.
Their primary ISP was very unreliable on a dozen of locations, sometimes causing a 15 minute wait time before a customer could even complete a PIN transaction.

Peplink’s SpeedFusion Hot Failover is the solution for you, which means you have seamless failover between WAN connections, without any downtime.
Before I can say which products you need, I need to know more about the details.
Could you share your contact details with me via e-mail on


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Hello @revenknight99,
With the use of external antennas, you may find @Joey_van_der_Gaag & our previous postings on this helpful, have a read through these post here.

Read through the comments from both @Joey_van_der_Gaag & myself and see how you go.
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

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Just to be clear: when you refer to “failover” are you planning on using one ISP for 100% of your work and falling back to the other ISP only when the primary one suffers an outage
would you rather be constantly connected to each ISP and load balancing between the two? That is sending some traffic to each ISP all the time? Peplink offers at least 7 different load balancing algorithms.

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Thanks for your help Marcus and Joey, I will research those threads!

Michael I am planning on using one Isp for 100 percent of my work and only need the other one in the event of a failure, but need it to kick in instantly.

Hello @revenknight99,
We have several customers who are running with Peplink to give the cost effective backup solutions for:
PoS (Point of Sale)
Remote Desktop / Citrix
In the two example following, they are not using SpeedFusion as they have determined that a few seconds outage is OK, the Peplink routers being used bring online the standby service fast enough to continue business, though VoIP services do drop.

Example 1 - Balance Router being used for major restaurant chain
Status as seen within InControl2
InControl2 Balance Router (Rising Connection)
Status as seen on the Balance Router

Example 2 - MAX router being used for several gyms around Sydney
Status as seen within InControl2
InControl2 MAX Router (Rising Connection)
Status as seen on the Balance Router

If at any time these clients decide to migrate to a higher up-time and VoIP continuity, the extra features within Peplink can be brought online remotely and have added on a customised SpeedFusion package for them to use, we already have in place rules to block traffic and control what traffic goes across certain connections (such as no Public Wi-Fi traffic allowed on the mobile Broadband).

We recommend you reach out to your local Peplink Partner (myself being based in Australia) to help you optimise the package and streamline the roll out for you.

Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile: