Need a Surf-on-the-go vpn link to Linux VPS

I’m a software developer, and I’m converting to working on the road from a van (class b rv). I found the pepwave surf-on-the-go highly recommended, tried it, and am very impressed with it’s features and small package. I have one limitation though, which is trying to use the vpn connection. The servers I need to vpn to are linux based in a cloud hosted (vps) scenario, so ideally I would need to either be able to use a conventional vpn protocol (pptp, etc) to connect to a service I can install on the server, or, a pepvpn compatible program that I can run on the linux server.

I asked this of Peplink support and was told it doesn’t exist, and asked to post here. If a solution can be found, I’m happy to both recommend this product to others doing the same and help them install it.

Peplink does have FusionHub, which is a SpeedFusion/PepVPN endpoint you can run in the cloud. This is an image you can run on your own server, Amazon, etc. Its more of a product meant for the enterprise so you’ll find its cost to be higher, but it would do the job. You can visit this link to get a download and trial it for yourself. Hopefully that solves the problem!

That’s an interesting option, but it doesn’t really meet my needs on two points: 1) I’m wanting to run it on the Linux server itself, not as a separate image, so I don’t have the additional expense, and I don’t have to set up shared networking, which is often another additional expense depending on the VPS provider. Also, I only need a single instance, so $500 for 5 sessions is overkill. If there was a $100 for 1 instance option, I’d consider it. If there was a $100 for 1 instance that can be installed on an existing linux server, I’d buy it immediately.