Necessary Allowed Networks URLs for a Facebook Page

I have a Peplink AP AC mini and I’d like to have a Facebook Page as an external splash, but I’m not sure on what URLs should I include in the Allowed Networks URL list, I’ve tried with,,,,,,,,,, and and their combinations but it just doesnt work…

Hello @cervantoso,
The Captive portal works best (from our experience) when configured and operated from InControl2, InControl2 will auto populated all of the required exceptions required based on the configuration my build with it.
Have a read of this article here

This screen shot is from an older Version 6.3.3 firmware, from what we have seen with Version 7.0.0 it is completely managed from InControl2 so you do not see this list anymore.

From FW 6.3.3

From FW 7.0.0

Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile: