Nat & Reverse NAT

We are having balance 20 series Peplink. observed the packets getting dropped on WAN while doing IPERF test from server.

When ever the Peplink is bypassed & assigning IP to Laptop, we are able to run IPERF test. working fine.

Kindly helping for NAT & Port forward setting to run IPERF test on LAN side.

NOTE : All ports are open at ISP end. PORTS: 443 & 20000-40000.

You should look at Network->Inbound Access-> Port Forwarding…

If you are testing with UDP and TCP remember to assign forwarding for both types of traffic. Also Make sure there are no Firewall Access Rules that would prohibit the traffic in the Inbound firewall rule section.

Until you tell the NAT router where to send the traffic for those ports it doesn’t know which of the multiple servers on the LAN side it should be directed to, even if you only have one system, it has to be told to forward.