NAT Remote Connection


I have a L3 SpeedFusion tunnel from site A (B580) to site B (BR1). From a device on A, is there any way to reach a device on B without defining the gateway on the device of site B?
Something like “NAT Remote Connection”?

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Hi Gorka,
if “NAT Mode” is turned off in the PepVPN Profile, then both routers should have the Routes of each other. So it should work out of the Box.
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Thank you Johannes,

NAT Mode is turned off in both sides of the PepVPN profile. But if I don´t configure the device on B with the BR1’s IP as gategay, the communication doesn´t work.


What is the reason for not configuring a gateway on the device connected to the BR1?

You need that device to be able to send traffic across a layer 3 boundary, how else do you expect this to work without a gateway configured?