NAT Outbound Rule Question- Peplink Balance

Currently, our Peplink does not have any NAT rules in place, and all corporate users have full Internet access. We would like to create a separate subnet on a totally different IP block, for guests to use the Internet. If I create a NAT Outbound rule for the guest network, and it is the only NAT rule in place, will that prevent the corporate users from getting an outbound connection on our primary IP block?

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An outbound NAT rule will build a path for the guest network specified and corporate users will use the default NAT rule (Interface IP) for each WAN.

If there are multiple WANs, an outbound policy rule can be configured to keep guests or corporate users on a specific WAN if needed.

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Ok thanks, but just so Iā€™m clear, we currently have no NAT policy in place, so I think what you are saying is that the corporate users, on the default ip network, would be unaffected and still have full internet access?

Correct. The Balance does a NAT to the WAN interface IP by default. The outbound NAT mapping you are configuring is specific to the guest network for LAN clients.

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