NAT mapping test

Hi I’m rather new to link balancing products and new to networking in fact so please pardon me if this question may come across too dense.

I am implementing peplink for a customer and the set up is as such:
ISP routers will connect to the peplink WAN ports. Then the Peplink will be connected to a palo alto firewall via the LAN port and so on.

I’ve created the NAT mapping and Port forwarding as per customer needs but i’m stumped as to how i can go about doing the UAT to prove that the if i ping the public ip address it would map it to the private ip? or how i can show the port mapping as well.

Any advice?

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Normally I would port forward on the Palo alto to a device with a web interface (like a printer or VoiP phone) then demo port forwarding working as expected (then remove the port forwarding).

Otherwise you’d need to do a network capture on the Peplink and show the packets coming in on its WAN and being forwarded on its LAN.

Thank you @MartinLangmaid !!

I see! so if i am to use your second method, shall I ping those addresses while connected to VPN and then run the network capture to see those packets?

Thanks again!


I know most of you would not have the same issue as me but just wanted to update how I did it in the end haha thanks to the amazing advice from Martin.

Since I am using a Palo Alto, I used their traffic monitoring function. I tried to access the Public IP addresses in my NAT mapping via a external laptop: HTTPS://ip- address then went over to Palo Alto and filtered the traffic according to my laptop’s Public ip address.

Did the same for port forwarding but this time i added the ports after the ip address: HTTPS://ip-address:port and then it shows on the palo alto! hehe thanks!!

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Brava! Glad you worked it out :slight_smile: