Nat mapping peplink balance 380



I have a peplink balance 380 with 3 WAN interfaces and 1 LAN.

When i put my server directly on the LAN interface, the NAT mapping works and i can join it from outside.

But my server must not be in the same network that the LAN interface because there is a firewall and a router between this server and the LAN interface.

My question: is this possible to do NAT mapping with this configuration ? and how?



Hi fred1, you need a double nat in your configuration

One on the firewall and second nat on peplink .

based on the type of firewall you have, you can create a nat rule where you publish the real address of the server to the outside of firewall.
In this way the peplink is able to see the server with the real address .
Then on the firewall you add ACL from outside to server address .
finally you can create the nat on the peplink from real address of server to wan balance 380.


Thank you very much.


you are welcome :wink: