delay in reporting ip change

Pepwave MAX BR1 ENT LTEA running 8.0.1

This morning our ISP was down briefly (20-30 minutes is brief here) and when they came back we had a new ip, as happens frequently. According to the PEP even log this happened around 8:30 this morning. It seems that it was not until almost 10:00 that the new IP showed up in our device’s dns name. Our office was down that whole time because we rely on that value to tell our DNS filter “where” we are.

Anybody else seeing that long a delay? What kind of delays should we expect between when our cellular ip changes and when we should see the new value in Other suggestions/ideas?


Steve Pence
SIL Tanzania,
Mbeya, TZ

I tested it takes around 2 minutes to update the new IP address.

  1. May I know how many active WAN links you have and the WANs priority?
  2. May I know what is the IP address that shows on the cellular WAN interface?
  3. Can you share how you confirm and what you did to confirm IP address is not up to date?
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I am having some difficulty reproducing this issue. I will update the thread when /if I can.