My router will not turn on

I just got a Max BR1 Mini LTE for my RV. I optested it at home successfully. While setting it up at the RV, I dropped it and now it will not power up. Any suggestions?

When you power it up what LEDs are illuminated on the front and what color they – after a few minutes?

None light up. Before I dropped it, all 3 lit up.

Bummer! I’d say it’s toast. Personally, I’d put it on the bench and open it up but I’d hesitate to recommend that to others.

I was tempted to do the same but I wouldn’t know what to look for. Nor do I have the right tool to open it.

I would try and power it from the screw terminals on the front rather than the dc barrel connector. If you dropped it with the barrel connector plugged in you might have lifted the socket off the PCB. Using the other way to power it might just bypass that problem.

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Hi. Just wondering if you tried what @MartinLangmaid recommended. Any luck? The type of failure he mentioned certainly would be something I’d be looking for.

Unfortunately I don’t have a dc power supply to try but it seems like it might.