My portable BR2 Site-Survey Kit - prototype 1

Hey all:

I’ve been busy today putting this together. I’ve got an 82G antenna with Mag-mount that mates with this kit for 5G/LTE/Wi-Fi/GPS.
The BR2 gets it power from USB-C which comes in via the 2nd panel insert.
Once I get an on-time paying customer, a few things are left to do such as ordering the SIM extenders and sending out for anodizing and screen printing as well to put my company logo and product name on it. I still don’t know what to call it yet, though. :slight_smile:

In the lid I carry my little Lenovo machine that is my survey box with WinMTR and an iPerf3 client.
On the BR2 I run iPerf3 in a docker container. Right now I just have a single SIM installed so I didn’t bother clicking in the other antennas for the second modem.

In the pics above, I’ve got the 82G and 20G Maritime antennas on non-pen roof mounts which I used to put in the truck bed for surveys. The mag mount now lets me put the 82G antenna on the roof and keep my surveys active while driving.

This is a great Wi-Fi wardriving rig as well as LTE/5G for two carriers at a time with the BR2’s 4-SIM capability.

Hope y’all enjoy the pics as much as I’ve enjoyed putting this together.
The final prototype will be completely finished with full labeling and idiot-proof if I send this out as a “go-kit” to setup a popup or a trade show. Hoping to partner with some other Peplink partners and build a lot of these.



Awesome! Great job Lucas!

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