My plan for 8 bedroom small Hotel

HI Folks,
I’m designing for my 8 bedroom hotel and just wanted to run past the forum my general plan:
1/ will use structured cabling for back haul for 3 AP (ac mini) to my router/switch.
2/ incontrol2 manage the ap’s
3/ create the same SSID for guests on all 3 Ap’s so roaming will be seemless throughout the building. (will create a different SSID for 2Ghz and 5Ghz as Apple devices can get stuck on 2Ghz and never connect to 5 due to preferring the stronger signal if not separate)
4/ Have all 3 Ap’s in router mode, but perform DHCP on the central switch/router, not on the AP (am not sure how dhcp would work if each Ap is performing dhcp - as I write this i’m now thinking the Ap’s will pass this information between eachother, just like social media log on information so maybe DHCP on AP?)

No reason AP should be in router mode based on your setup. Router and DHCP should be on your gateway, and AP is just AP. You don’t even need static IP on it since everything can be managed via IC2. Other than that all looks great. XD

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