My Peplink balance 50 just quit

Hi, I have been using a peplink balance 50 for quite a few years now. Today it just quit. It seemed to have frozen ( all lights on) and I removed the power supply, waited for about 30 seconds and plugged it back in and then nothing. No power or status lights. Is there anything I need to check?

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Oh wow, I haven’t seen a B50 in ages!

Normally when you plug in and get no lights at all the first thing to check is the power supply itself. I would still try that, you may be lucky and it might just be a fault PSU.

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Hi Martin,

Thanks for your feedback, I checked that and powered my peplink balance 50 with the another psu and tested the psu on another peplink balance 30. And it worked fine.



@Raffi_Currimjee, seem like it is a RMA case. You may open a ticket to process RMA if the device still under warranty.