My new Surf SOHO won't accept my password

My router is connected to my Mac with an Ethernet cable and my Verizon Broadband card is plugged into the router.
My Mac can access the Broadband card (obviously … since I have internet access) …
But I can’t access the router with
The WiFi light is blinking and my Mac sees the PEPWAVE-5164 network; but I can’t connect to it because it rejects the passwords I am trying.
The instructions say to use the last 8 digits <sic> of the LAN MAC address which are cbae8ed7.
I have also tried the last 8 of the WiFi MAC address which are 5b3e9f9b.
I am having no luck.

What IP address is your Mac getting? It sounds like you may be connected directly to the broadband card via Wi-Fi.

My Mac tells me the MAC address of the Ethernet is
It also tells me the MAC address of the WiFi is 00.1f.5b.3e.9f.9b.
There is definitely a WiFi network out there called PEPWAVE_5164 (my smartphone can see it as well); I can’t come up with a password to access it.
I am connected directly to the broadband card but it’s not via WiFi because I have internet access whether WiFi is turned on or off. gets me to the broadband card (over the ethernet cable and THROUGH the router) but does NOT get me to the router.

What IP address is your Mac getting? Can you confirm your Mac is connected via Ethernet cable to a LAN port on the SOHO? (Not the WAN port)

Yes - it’s connected to LAN Port 1 (green light solid, orange light flashing).
The IP address is

OK … good news … I’m connected …
The IP address of the router itself was which I entered into by browser and was able to connect.
I then changed the “shared key” to whatever I wanted and now all devices can connect to the PEPWAVE_5164 WiFi network.

Awesome, thanks for the update! :up: