My local guest accounts are gone


BPL-380 running 5.4.9 as WLAN controller of few AP Ones.
Captive portal is using guest account mode and have few local guest account users there.
also have some email customization @ email settings.

after upgrading to 6.1.0 build 2848, my guest account users are gone. I tried accessing the SSID for this guest account mode and it went straight to internet without prompting to username and password any longer.

is this by design?

I reverted back to 5.4.9 at the moment until the upgrade path is clearer.



You may need to re-configure them on 6.1 firmware as Captive Portal has been re-vamped. If someone else wants add in some more information for the customer here.


the new re-vamped captive portal has seemed no provision for local users. the previous feature of captive portal works for us where we added scheduled visitors as local users and then it will send them email automatically about the details of the wifi access before they arrive in our office.


I have a customer facing the same problem, after upgrading he lost his local guest accounts!!



This is confirmed, I have escalated this with the advanced team. I will follow up here with more information once available.


The local Guest Account Mode will be added back in coming firmware release. In the situation if you need this mode, you have to stick with 5.4.9 at this moment.


Any updates of the new fw availability please? in few weeks perhaps? thanks


do you still have plan of getting this feature back on-board?


Hello Everyone,
I’ve been testing the “Guest Account” feature in Firmware 6.3.3 & 7.0.0 via InControl2

Have you attempted moving over to this?
Some of the advantages I see are:

  • Centralised Management across a group from InControl2
  • Cloud based usage tracking from InControl2
  • Network Scalability with InControl2

Just some of our thoughts.
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile: