*Must See* - Maritime is only a suggestion!

If we break it down, every antenna does the same thing - focuses signal in a specific direction. That’s exactly what our Maritime series of antennas are designed to do as well.

So, what is it about the Maritime series that makes them a “maritime” antenna?
- Gain: Maritime customers want to stay connected as far from shore as possible, so they want the highest gain antenna possible.

  • Of course, boats aren’t the only devices that want long range.

- MIMO: Many may not know, the 5G world requires 4 antenna MIMO, and we’ve got options for 1, 2, or 4 options in a single high gain omni antenna. This provides additional range as well as faster speeds compared to dual or single antenna configurations.

  • Again, these are benefits most uses can also benefit from.

- Pattern: As we mentioned, all antennas focus signal in specific directions. In a maritime setting, you are often moving, not only from point A to B, but also up and down, side to side, whichever direction the waves toss you. So maritime users need antennas that focus the signal in 360 degrees horizontally and they need a wide focus vertically to accommodate for side to side motion, giving you stable, consistent gain to on-shore towers.

  • While the vertical gain may not be as useful in all scenarios, having very high gain, without having to aim and limit the number of towers you can hear creates stronger connections and keeps towers in multiple directions available for roaming between.

- Materials: We use marine grade metals and plastics so that they withstand use in the absolute harshest environments.

  • What customer wouldn’t appreciate an antenna they can count on year after year?

The properties that make the maritime series great maritime antennas, are really properties that can make all kinds of non-maritme scenarios work much better too, and we’ve seen some of our most creative partners using them for all kinds of things besides maritime connectivity. Here are just a few examples of places that we’re seeing these creatures make their way onto dry land!

RDH Partners - Setting up temporary internet service with two Maritime 40G’s for a very high profile customer that needed high capacity connectivity for a team of people in a very remote location.

WTF is he doing? (please comment your best wright or wrong answer!)

West Networks - Two Maritime 40G’s being used for a remote equipment room that is not able to be drilled through. This gives them high gain to any tower around the building.

If your application needs the highest gain possible, but still in an omni directional configuration, check out the Maritime Antenna Series, even if you won’t be taking them to sea!