MultiWAN Balance_50;new LAN; new SSID but never seen a GET option of AP's in the field

To work remote with AP like the mini, one option is to use preinstall of the settings with INcontrol2. that works fine, but only for simple settings.We want to work with VLAN settings and unique per AP.
In AP mini make a choice of the controller by Menu option: System / Controller / Controller Type= Auto or AP controller or InControl.
We now use AP controller and wrote down in the the field : Controller IP address, the IP-address of the Balance_50 in the same LAN.
Put the virgin AP from the box on a Lan port and things are working automaticly. The AP GET’s or by PUSH has the new data for working.
Start of he configuration:
We us now the control way by he AP controller; Peplinl Balance50.
In the Menu option: AP/Roque AP we see the new AP mini’s with there SSID and Encryption=OPEN (the default and factory configuration)
Next step is to configure a New LAN because we want to use unique VLAN’s for each AP mini.
Mneu option : Network / LAN / New LAN
Give it a name, ip-adress different from the standard LAN of the Balance50. Use DHCP and write a Ip-Range. Safe it !
In menu / AP/ Wireless SSID we make a NEW SSID.
Write down the SSID name , VLAN ID from the dropdown field and corresponding with our choice of VALN number.
Make a security poliy like WPA/WPA2 and Safe.
Reboot the APmini.
Nothing happens, also after a lot of reboots.
Why the AP mini don’t get the NEW SSID and how can it work anyway?


You shouldn’t need to reboot the AP One Mini as once changes are applied in the Balance the AP controller feature will send the config change to the AP.
Also, ensure that both devices are on current firmware as well. Once on current let us know if the issue is still persistent:

NOTE: APs cannot be managed by IC2 and AP controller as this sounds like your issue. It must be one or the other.

Thanks, the APmini system is configured to be controled by the AP controller. ALL info in InControl2 is wiped out; to be sure !
After reboot the APmini 's does not have the settings needed and prepared before in the AP controller.

How does this work anyway??
In the InControle2 menu I have to write the serials and mac-address
In the AP controller no field info about the Mac and nowhere is asked to make any information about he AP mini


Delete the AP out of IC2 and give it 5-10 minutes to see if the config is pushed to the device via AP controller.
By default the AP controller will look for “Any” AP. You can set “Any” to “Approved List” and here you can define APs by MAC-Address

Hello, Yes, we did. As I said before : “”'ALL info in InControl2 is wiped out; to be sure !“” And we did define the IP-address of the AP controller in the LAN in the Approve list. I’m so sorry to tell that this in NOT the solution. Will it work anyway?


Other then assuring the firmware is update on both devices, open a support ticket and enable remote assistance and a support team member will take a closer look.


To enable RA:

Support Ticket:

hello. i have made a support ticket.