Multiple WAN vlan's

Hello everyone,

i have a question.

I am planning on connecting a Balance 20 to a fiber connection with multiple vlans on the wan side. (all on the same WAN)

is there any way for me to determine which vlan goes outside?

I have created multiple vlans on the lan side, but does my tagged packets go outside the wan connection with the tag stil on the pakket?

Hopefully some of you have experience with this situation.

Please let me know.




Single WAN interface, only allow to tag with single VLAN traffic. For more information, please refer to the screenshot attached.

If fiber connection come with multiple VLANs, we will recommend to put a L2 switch in between fiber connection & the B20.

B20 WAN – VLAN 100 ---------->
-------------------------------------L2 Switch --Trunk Multiple VLAN-> Fiber connection
Other device –> Other VLAN –>

VLANs traffics in LAN interface will not carry up to WAN connection.

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Hi Sitloongs,

Thank you for your answer.

I know that cisco devices allow for creation of sub-interfaces.
This way you can configure multiple vlan’s on 1 physical interface (excuse my english spelling, i dont know all the words)
Is this something that is going to be available in future firmware releases?

Or is this something that wont be available?

Thanks in advance.


Alex :slight_smile:

Hi Alex,

No plan at the moment. Our solution is based on the number of physical WAN port.

Hope this clear your doubts.

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Hi TK,

Thanks so much for your reply.

That is all i need to know.

This thread can be closed as fas as i am concerned.