Multiple WAN IPs using drop-in mode?

We have multiple static public IPs that serve different functions from a single ISP. The drop-in mode scenarios in the manual and on-line only show that the Peplink 310 in drop-in mode for a single IP address, say x.x.x.x. There is a scenario that shows additional static IP addresses, such as x.x.x.y, and x.x.x.z, but they are all on the external side of the Peplink, using a switch. Is it possible to use drop-in mode where all of my static IP addresses are BEHIND the Peplink? So that drop-in mode works between the ISP router and all of our servers? Thanks!

The servers on the inside or “LAN” side of the Balance will keep their existing default gateway of the ISP with a drop-in mode deployment. The Peplink only requires a single IP address, and additional static IP addresses remain assigned to the servers or a firewall on the inside of the Balance.