Multiple WAN into 1 Pipe

Hey I don’t know if this is possible but here it goes:

  1. Be able to take 2+ WAN connections and bond them together just for bandwidth purposes and point this single bandwidth pipe to a LAN sub-net (VLAN).
  2. So if I have 3 WAN connections and all 3 are DSL with 3 Meg down and .765 up and I want to combine both of these pipes bandwidth on inbound and point it to my Voice VLAN then on the outbound have it fail over to my third DSL pipe.
  3. Now once these 2+ pipes are combined in terms of bandwidth, can you now prioritize the best available packets and if 1 goes down, will it keeps the others active (Inbound)

That would cool.


  1. Once you have SF established, it really isn’t a case pointing SF at anything in the inside, you would need to point traffic going out of this pipe.
    Yes, you can specify a VLAN network to go through the SF pipe.

2/3. If you had 3 WANs you can create 2 SF connections. One with 2 WANs the other with a singular WAN. Yes, you can have the single WAN SF pipe be used for failover purposes. You would need to enable Expert Mode by click on the (?) in outbound policies. This will enable expert mode where you can now specify how you would like SF traffic routed. Essentially, you would create a priority algorithm and define the applicable source IP that you want the rule to apply to. Then, Choose Priority algorithm. This will bring up connection priority options. You will just need to ensure that the SF tunnel containing 2 WANs is defined at the top and the single WAN Pipe is second. All traffic will go over the first connection defined, all subsequent connections will be used for fail-over only.

Now are you only talking about the 1350 and 2500? I was more talking about Balance 20’s - 380’s


This will work with the Balance One on up, (excluding the B305) as they are all SpeedFusion capable. The B20/B30/B50 are not. If you are talking about a site that has 3 WAN connections you would need to go with the B310 or B380.