Multiple WAN disconnected alert within short timeframe

Within the span of about an hour today, i received 9 WAN disconnected alerts (Health check DNS test failed).

I was using default health check settings of 5 seconds, but using Cloudfare as my DNS resolver on WAN. I increased the health check interval to 60 seconds, thinking perhaps Cloudfare is ignoring and rate limiting my IP.

No issues for about 30 minutex or so… anyone else experience this issue?

is it best practice to leave the WAN DNS resolver settings to automatic and rely on the ISP provided DNS servers, and only change the DHCP DNS servers?

Well, I don’t know if there is a “best practice,” but Peplink devices support more methods than DNS resolution. We usually use a simple ping to highly reliable, “always present” hosts such as Cloudfare, Google, or various “known good” hosts which respond super-promptly to pings, some of which we control. In so-doing, we can reduce the time-out to a low-ish value, often less than one second which gives a better characterization as to the health of a WAN than “make or break within 5 seconds.”

The Peplink device is simply doing what you asked it to do.

What happens when you change the method from DNS to PING?


Changed to ping with 5 sec intervals. A couple of hours now with no alerts. Perhaps my ISP was having issues, but first time I see so many alerts within such a short timeframe.

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