Multiple VPN Connections

I use a Balance 20 at my main location. I have users in 3 other locations I would like to put on our main network via VPN for VOIP and video streams that we utilize.

Can this unit do this? Would I need the same unit in other locations or can any vpn capable router make the connection?

How would I manage the DHCP for the network or should I set everything up on static ips?

You can connect from clients using L2TP/PPTP to the B20 or using IPsec VPN from other non Peplink routers will work as well.

Remote locations would have unique networks when talking to B20 if using IPsec. Unless you absolutely need Layer 2 VPN?

I have some situations where I need to send specific data from a machine at the home office to a machine at the remote office via telnet. At one office I need to do this for 3 different sets of machines.

Would I be able to use this connection for a video survellience system? For a machine on the main office network to receive video from the remote site?

Also what kind of additional latency would this add in addition to the regular latency on the internet?


Please take note Balance 20 support 2 x PepVPN and 2 x IPSec tunnels.

So this can be achieved with connection below:-

Main office (Balance 20) <—PepVPN—> Remote office 1 (Balance router)
Main office (Balance 20) <—PepVPN—> Remote office 2 (Balance router)
Main office (Balance 20) <—IPSec—> Remote office 3 (Non Peplink router)

The additional latency is subject. This is based on the condition of the WAN link. I suggest doing a test before the deployment.

Hope this help.