Multiple VLANs over one physical WAN on Balance 20

We have three sources for broadband: microwave, 4G LTE, and DSL.

The microwave and 4G tranceivers are on a pole 400’ from the building, with a single run of fiber between them and the building.

Originally we only had microwave on the pole, so the connection was simple: microwave to internet-over-fiber, from fiber to internet at building, run of cat5 to Balance 20 WAN1, and DSL to WAN2.

Now we want to add the LTE, using a Peplink MAX BR1 LTE with a SIM card, Our original plan was to run microwave and Peplink into a managed switch at the pole, to create two VLANs (microwave VLAN1, LTE VLAN2), send the VLANs over the single run of fiber to the building, then over cat5, and into a second managed switch that separates the two VLANs and sends the microwave data to WAN 1 and the LTE data to WAN2 on the Balance 20, and DSL goes to WAN3 (which has been activated by the add-on license key).

But the managed switches are flaky, and the overall reliability of the network has decreased.

What we really want to do is have some new piece of Peplink equipment at the pole take the LAN connections for microwave and LTE in two inputs, create VLAN1 and VLAN2 internally, and send that over fiber, and then on the receiving end plug the cat5 into the Balance 20 and have it separate the two VLANs and put the traffic on the building’s LAN, without needing the managed switches at all.

Is there a way to do that?

You can take a Balance 30 LTE to connect your microwave to WAN1 and have load balancing with 4G.
Connect the LAN1 to your fiber and connect it to WAN2 of your Balance20, where WAN1 is your DSL.
Create outbound policies on the Balance 30LTE to distribute the traffic to 4g/microwave as you need.
Create outbound Policies on Balance to distribute traffic to DSL/B30LTE.
That’s very simple but effective,