Multiple Starlink - how to access each dish via Starlink app?

I recently added a 2nd Starlink to my campervan and I am curious if anyone else has this setup - and how did you configure your outbound policy so you are able to access each dish via the Starlink app?

Peplink BR2 Pro
→ Gen2 starlink attached to WAN1 (Starlink)
→ Gen3 starlink attached to WAN2 (Starlink2)

For my original starlink I setup an outbound policy rule to send to that WAN1/Starlink connection.

If both starlink dish’s have the same management IP I cannot imagine how this might be possible?


Have a 2nd SSID / VLAN / Subnet. Connect to that and have an outbound policy that forces access for via WAN2. Then your choice of SSID defines which Starlink you are managing.

Or just manage via IC2 and ignore the app.


Thanks! That seems like a reasonable workaround.

I do use IC2… just like to still have access to the app so I can see the analytics/charts, debug data and stuff.

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Perfect! , That’s exactly what I would have done.
All tho once you have 10+ it gets annoying.
It would be great if there were an option to select the dish on a dropdown in the app , or change the mgmt ip of the dish.

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