Multiple SSIDs for Specific APs

I was searching the forums looking to see if anyone asked if this was possible but couldnt find anything.

I currently have 2 different SSIDs(one for home and one for guest via vlan) that i use thats spread among 4 different APs using a Balance 30. I am currently preparing to install a 5th AP that will be in a home about 100 feet away from me, the 2 SSIDs i currently use is password protected and I do not wish to have those SSIDS shown at the other home.

So here is the question: is it possible to have all 5 APs controlled by my Balance 30 and have that new SSID that i will create being listed on the 5th AP Only.

Yes this is possible. Create the new SSID for the 5th AP.

Then create a new Profile which includes the new SSID, and assign it to that device.

Then go back to the Default profile and un-check the new SSID.

Thanks for the help so far… I created the new SSID as instructed, I seem to be loosing you at the create a new profile part though. I just cant seem to find any option on my Balance 30 that says create new profile.

Can you perhaps give me a little walkthrough as to how to find the create new profile option.

@Don_Ferrario has proposed the correct solution and this solution is available on AP Controller Pro. Hence, Balance 305 and above is needed.

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Hello @tiqster,
Another way to do it is through InControl2, in its most simplest for you assign a TAG to your devices and then the SSID is assigned to devices based on the TAG, we find this a lot faster to setup and easier to maintain, manage & monitor using InControl2 than the AP controller within the router, and it works uniformly across the whole range.
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

Its insanely difficult to justify paying for 4 incontrol subscriptions for each of my AP devices just to accomplish this… unless of course i am mistaken and only need 1 subscription for my Load Balancer only.