Multiple SF tunnels via IC2 outbound policy

I’ve set up multiple tunnels for an SF link in IC2. I’m trying to use the IC2 outbound policy option to send different types of traffic through the different tunnels. No matter what I put for the tunnel name, however, it sticks to the primary tunnel only.

In IC2, I’ve got the outbound policy set to: PepVPN with Tunnels > [SF link name] > Smoothing

One thing I noticed is that my tunnels show differently in the router’s web admin dashboard (1 - Primary Tunnel, 2 - Smoothing, 3 - DWB) and on the router’s outbound policy list (1 - Primary Tunnel, 2 - DWB, 3 - Smoothing).

For the IC2 tunnel name, should it be “2” or “2 - Smoothing” or “Smoothing” or something else? The SF link name seems to be correct, as if I use this a single-tunnel configuration it works with the link name I’ve supplied.

Could you create a support ticket (Peplink Ticketing System) with your org/device info and a link to this forum post? I’d like to take a closer look at why it’s not working in your case.

Sure, and thank you. I’ve switched back to a single-tunnel setup so will need to set the extra tunnels up again.