Multiple ports



how can i put multiple ports in one rule for example sql ports 1521,1933,7300,5002,5006,5007,5008,5009,5021,6000,3268,5200,31415,31416,9100 because what im seeing here is only one ports allowed per rule except port range.




Believe you are asking on Firewall Rule. If so, this is possible. Please find the screenshot below:-


hello TK

what if i create one rule and i name it (http and https only) port 80,443 only




You need to create 2 rules to achieve this. One for port 80 and another for 443.

Fyi, the rule for port range is useful when you want to add ports from 80-90 (for example). If you have 2 x port range (80-90, 100-110) then 2 port range rules are needed.

Hope this help.