Multiple Peplink Devices behind single Firewall


We have a case where we have 2 x Peplink devices behind a single firewall, and I’m struggling to get the port forwarding set correctly to enable PepVPN to get to the correct device.

I have the following ports forwarded
4500(UDP) + 32015(TCP) forwarded to Balance #1 - This works
4501(UDP) + 32016(TCP) forwarded to Balance #2 - This only works if I change 32015 to be forwarded to this, but then stops Balance #1

The PepVPN’s are setup with InControl2, and there is a way to change the default Data Port, but it seems not the Handshaking port, which I suspect is where this is failing.

Any ideas or do I need to have a re-think?



Hi Mick,

You could use the web admin interface on the local devices to create your speedfusion profile instead.
This will allow you to change the handshake port as well as the data port of the tunnel.

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Hey Mike,

As of the 2.8.4 release, Incontrol2 can change the handshake port from the device level overview page.


Thanks, I had not seen that yet!


Ah so there is…and I can confirm it works!

Many thanks