Multiple L2TP VPN connections on SURF SOHO MK3

Installed the new router with the latest firmware and am having issues with having more than one L2TP VPN connection from multiple computers in the same remote office connecting to this router located in a different office. The most that connect is one at a time. Attempting to connect a second computer boots the existing connection off. Is there a setting that would allow the soho to have multiple L2TP vpn connections? I don’t want to purchase another soho for the other office and have a PEPVPN for various business reasons. If there is a limitation, then would using the openvpn option instead of L2TP solve this ? My preference is not to have to install more software and just use the native windows VPN client if possible.

Can I confirm the L2TP/IPSec clients are Windows based machine?

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Yes windows 7 and windows 10 computers are the client based o/s. Ideally would like to have up to 10 concurrent VPN connections from two remote offices connecting into the soho.

The problem only happens to Windows L2TP/IPSec client. Android, IOS clients will be fine.

I suggest using OpenVPN.

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Thanks for the info. Based on your response I found the following Microsoft article explaining the issue (I think

From reading that, it sounds like the issue is NAT-T support on the SOHO?

If I switch over to OpenVPN, is there any limitation as to the number of clients that can attach to the SOHO, can I get my 10 remote clients simultaneous?

MK3 supports 3 simultaneous L2TP/PPTP/OpenVPN Users. You may refer to the Balance model comparison below for the right model.

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