Multiple ISP Bandwidth Bonding for a Villa Wi-Fi

I am completely new to peplink and sorry if this question is a trivial one.

I have 3 ISP links with me each with 12Mbps, 10Mbps and 8Mbps.

I have a Wi-Fi network deployed at a Villa and aiming to utilize all above 3 ISP links for internet traffic of Wi-Fi users.

My question is whether Peplink balance internet user traffic per user IP or per each TCP flow?
So can I utilize 30Mbps for a single Video stream?
Or else can I utilize 30Mbps for single user (multiple video streams)

Thanks in advance for your valuable comments.

Hi and welcome to the forum!

A Peplink balance router can do session based load balancing ( a single session will be limited by whichever wan link it is using, but users will see combined bandwidth across all their sessions), and Speedfusion Bonding where a single session can be distributed at a packet level across multiple WAN links simultaneously.

For load balancing you just need a router (I’d suggest the Balance One with the extra Lan as wan license), for Speedfusion you need a device or service to bond your traffic through.

Peplink just launched their Speedfusion cloud to make this easy. Instructions here: