Multiple IP's

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Will there be any support for configuring each LAN ethernet port with it’s own network address? The reason I ask is there are some cases where it would be desirable if one of the LAN ethernet ports where on a different subnet or network without the need for a Layer 3 Switch or Router.

Yes it does add some complexity for users, but as a power user option it will be very advantageous. To hide this complexity, something like an “enable LAN advanced mode” checkbox. When the power user checks this box the “IP settings” field changes to four different fields e.g.

LAN Port 1 IP settings:

IP Address:

Subnet Mask:


LAN Port 2 IP settings:

IP Address:

Subnet Mask

If however only 1 of the Ports is chosen to be on a different subnet then the user can bind the remaining 3 LAN ports together with a checkbox.

*were on a different subnet


Feature requests have been put in for supporting multiple subnets on the LAN interface. This will be implemented in future firmware releases with the use of VLANs. Thank you for your recommendation.

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