Multiple IP Subnets On ISP WAN

I am looking at replacing a Barracuda 430 with the Peplink 710 but in reading the manuals, I’m not spotting on how to solve one of my setup criteria.

We have three ISP lines coming into our site from different providers. One of them, CenturyLink, has multiple IP range subnets that have all the static IPs we own. One is a /28, the other a /27 network. On the Barracuda you assign the WAN line to one of the ranges, and the second range you just assign each IP individually in that range as a virtual IP and point it back to the WAN’s IP, the unit does all the rest for you.

These IP are open to the internet and not part of any VPN or connection to another site. When re run out of IPs from an ISP, some of them give us a larger IP range to use, but others like CenturyLink, gave us a second IP range on the same line, so we use the virtual feature on the Barracuda to allow us to listen for both networks on the same line.

I’m sure it’s a simple thing I missed, but how do you solve this on the 710?

Can this be done on the Balance 710, or do I need to look at other manufacturers?

Welcome to the Peplink Community! Additional WAN IP addresses can be added under: Network> WAN> Additional IP Address Settings.

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