Multiple ip addresses on LAN

Is it possible to have 2 or more IP addresses assigned to the LAN port?


Yes this is possible with the VLAN trunk feature in new 6.1 firmware.

I loaded 6.1 on, but the multiple LAN Ips is not the same as the Multiple WAN ip address. For the WAN, I can load all the IP addresses from a subnet onto the port. I would like to be able to do the same with the LAN.

In Firmware 6.1, we support VLAN trunk on LAN port. For each VLAN interface, you can able to assign one Interface IP. In your case, may I know the reason that you need to assign multiple IP in same subnet for LAN interface?

We have 2 gateways on our network. If one gateway goes down, we can easily assign the ip address of the other gateway to the router that is still up, without manually changing the routers. Traffic will then start going through the gateway that is up, while we work to bring the gateway that is down, back up. Hope that makes sense.