Multiple IP address for one local DNS record

We have 3 servers on our LAN, named agent1, agent2, and agent3. They are used as load-balancing hot backups of each other. In order to do that, in our previous DNS server on the LAN, we used round-robin DNS and set up a single name, agent, with all 3 IP addresses.

The Balance 20 we have doesn’t let us do that. It says: “Local DNS Record is already defined for agent.”

The preferred action would be to allow this, and store multiple IP address for one name. A lookup on that name would return all IP addresses, in a random (or sequential) order.

Thanks for the feature request.
Currently we don’t have multiple IP address support on local DNS record.
It is a good feature, we will put it in our future firmware release.

I just downloaded 5.4.9, but it doesn’t seem to be in that release, unless there is a configuration option somewhere that I can’t find.

Is this feature planned for a specific version?

This feature is scheduled to 6.1.0 firmware.

I just installed 6.1.0, and added multiple IP addresses for a single DNS name. That works, thank you!

However, to make this feature actually useful, we really need Round-robin DNS, which will allow not only failover (server fault-tolerance), but also load balancing. Version 6.1.0 seems to return the multiple IP addresses always in the same order, which causes the clients to always connect to the first server on the list.

Yes, at the current firmware for local DNS serve as fail-over only. Your request is well noted, and will be take into consideration for coming firmware release.

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