Multiple external antennas

I currently have a Pepwave Max Transit (MAX-TST-GLTE-G-T-PRM) and running the lates firmware (8.1.3s003 build 5183). I am connected to a Parsec Husky Pro 7 mounted to the top of my trailer. I am interested in getting a pole most and mounting a directional antenna (Yagi or Parsec Akita - I know it’s omni, but pole mountable) and looking to use the existing antenna setup for normal use, but when I need the extra reach switching to the pole mount.

Is there something I can use to plug both antennas into something and then that goes into the router and I can use a switch? I am fairly new to all this and I was trying to research this, but searches were returning 4x4 mimo antennas.

Any suggestions or a place to dig into research would be appreciated.


Might be hard to find what you want off the shelf.

You need an 8 in 4 out mux, that is switchable between two groups of 4 inputs.

I am not aware of any off the shelf (at least not sensibly priced, non specialist active equipment / RF matrix devices) products, it might be worth contacting Parsec and seeing if they have any suggestions, another option would be to look at using multiple 2 in 1 out switches - messier and more things to remember to switch over but probably more likely to be able to buy something off the shelf :slight_smile:

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Hello John,
What country are you based in?
We have customised passive (not active) solutions we supply our region (Australia, New Zealand & South Pacific) that can do what you are asking for. As William mentioned, they are not cheap; they can easily cost many more times than the router.
If you are interested, send us a PM or raise an enquiry through Peplink and reference this Forum Thread.
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile: