Multiple DHCP server

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Model Peplink MediaFast 500
Firmware6.3.3 build 1778

I have configured multiple VLANS / 24, / 24
Would it be possible to configure separate DHCP for Both the VLANS ?


If your question is something like below, then it is definitely supported. Else, do elaborate more on your requirement.


  • Interface IP:
  • DHCP Range: -


  • Interface IP:
  • DHCP Range: -

100% That is Correct
Maximum VLAN’s I can create ?
Will I be able to NAME the VLAN
Can I configure the VLAN using CLI ?

Thank you WeiMing

Hi roshan_f,

  • The maximum number of VLANs for a MediaFast 500 is currently 128.
  • A DHCP address range can be defined for each VLAN, unique network respectively and
    each VLAN can have DHCP client reservations associated with client MAC addresses.
  • You can name the VLANs as well as assign the VLAN ID (number).
  • The CLI interface, where available, is a read only interface and cannot currently be utilized for configuration.

Please see the screen shot below for how to create VLANs.

Thank you roshan_f, I hope this helps.

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Thank you
Appreciate your help

Hi Jeffrey
I have 3 LAN ports on the pep link 500
would like to assign /24 to one interface /24 and /24 To LAN interface 3 how may I do this ?


Please upgrade to the new firmware version 7.0 and you can configure this under LAN > Port Settings.