Multiple cellular connections for a new remote branch location


  • A leading financial institution based in North America.
  • They provide financial services such as savings, investments and credit services.
  • Established in the early 1990’s.


  • Require robust connectivity between a new branch and their datacenter.
  • The new branch is in a very remote location so multiple cellular connections are needed.
  • The ability to have multiple redundant SIM connections would be an advantage.


  • Due to the extreme remote locations of a new branch, we would deploy a MAX HD2 Dome.
  • This device has 2x embedded LTE modems with 4x SIM slots to provide unbreakable connectivity.
  • With an IP67 rated enclosure, it can be deployed on the rooftop via it’s M35 screw mount, keeping installation neat and tidy.
  • The built in strategically placed MIMO antennas allow for minimizing cable loss and providing the best possible signal from the rooftop.
  • We would recommend a SIM Injector to be installed at the same time providing an additional 8 cellular options.
  • This can be placed inside the branch (up to 100m away) and at the same time, provide power to the HD2 Dome via PoE output. This gives a lot of flexibility to be able to change SIM cards inside the branch and not on the roof.
  • As the company deals with sensitive information, we would recommend them to host and deploy FusionHub to enable SpeedFusion technology such as PepVPN, WAN Smoothing and Bandwidth Bonding to provide seamless and secure connectivity without drop-offs.

Devices deployed