Multiple Captive Portals Question / Issue


I’m after some advice.

We have a single group within Incontrol that has many devices in the group (all Balance ONE’s running firmware 7.0.2).
For ease of configuration they all have the same VLANs present (6 VLANs in total).
Each device has 2 different Captive Portals each but they are assigned to the same VLAN at each device.

Site 1 - VLAN10 - Captive Portal1
Site 1 - VLAN20 - Captive Portal2
Site 2 - VLAN10 - Captive Portal3
Site 2 - VLAN20 - Captive Portal4
Site 3 - VLAN10 - Captive Portal5
Site 3 - VLAN20 - Captive Portal6

And so on, you get my drift…

Like I said they are all managed under the same group.

Does anyone see any issues with this config.? The Balance ONE on this firmware suggests it can handle multiple Captive Portals now.

I should mention that within Incontrol I have an exclamation mark against all my VLANS that I created under Incontrol “Please do not apply the same VLAN to the same device. otherwise only one VLAN will be applied”. Well the VLAN only appears once on each device so this shouldn’t cause any issues.

The reason I ask is I am not 100% sure all the Captive Portals are working, all at the same time. Someone reports they can’t get to the Captive Portal page at one site, we reboot the device and I could be wrong but it appears then we get a call from another site complaining of the same thing.

Any advice would be appreaciated. I would hate to have to create multiple groups and then move the devices in to their own groups and then have to re-create each of the Captive Portals if it can be avoided, which would be just to rule out the whole VLAN thing only to find I still have the problem.

Your configuration perfectly makes sense. The message you see is just a note. It is shown whenever you are defining a network with a repeated VLAN ID. It does not mean such conflict is present. We will revise the message.

Please elaborate more how the guest “can’t get to the Captive Portal page”. No HTTP web redirection is performed at all? Or web accesses are redirected but the page is empty or broken?


Thanks for your prompt response Michael and thanks for your re-assurance also that the config. sounds ok.

If I’m honest they have reported a number of errors, from no DHCP address (I appreciate this could be a number of factors but DHCP is provided by the Peplink also.). Both no HTTP web redirection to the captive portal (it tries to load but eventually times out) and they press the option to “Start Browsing” which should take them to google but again this doesn’t load and then they can’t load any pages.

Now I know my initial config. sounds ok I will try and nail which site is reporting what problems and how many are affected. In the meantime I have rebooted all the client Peplink routers so they have a fresh load of the confg. so I will see what happens from here and update this message or raise a support ticket.


It looks like the Wi-Fi connectivity was not good. You may test the captive portal over Ethernet (on the captive portal enabled VLAN).