MultiHoming w/ BGP on SDX/EPX

Hi Folks -

We’ve got a large-scale broadcast/media support project coming up where I’ll be utilizing 4 diverse 10G links, mostly for redundancy. Our function is similar to on site ISP. My initial thought was SpeedFusion which I will likely use on actual broadcast transmissions but I will also be required to provide a number of entities with public IP’s. In an effort to make it so a providers link being down doesn’t mean we will loose inbound traffic to specific IP addresses I’m looking at multihoming with BGP.

Has anybody done this with multiple WANs and BGP on Peplink? Thinking of SDX or EPX in HA for this depending on actual throughput requirements. Have you had success with BGP advertising networks over multiple WANs? Are there best path or other features available for redundancy / load balancing beyond just advertising a block on a specific link?

Appreciate any insight or other solutions that don’t involve BGP anybody might have.