Multicast over WDS

I have SIP phones working over Peplink AP’s using WDS to connect buildings. The everything works with the phones accept multicast receiving. Will multicast transmissions work over WDS? I can find a setting anywhere about allowing or not allowing. Thanks


Multicast should work over WDS connection. May i know what are the feature for the SIP phone that is not working ?

Can you provide the detail info how the SIP phone is connected to the network ? Possible please provide a simple network diagram for the SIP phone connections and we can further discuss on the SIP Phone multicast traffics issue.

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Thanks for the response. I set up a demo at my office. I simply have 2 AP One AC Mini’s tied together using WDS. Side 1 is hardwired to the network with one SIP phone hardwired and another wireless connected to the AP One. Side 2 is simply the AP One with a SIP phone connected to it with a wire. The multicast page is always being sent from the single phone on side 2 over to side 1 in my demo setup.

I just determined its not WDS blocking the multicast - but maybe the SIP phone or the AP. When I turn WiFi off on the phone and hardwire the phone, it receives the multicast page. When I switch back to WiFi, it will receive for a little while, but then eventually stop but the other hardwired phones on Side 1 still receive the multicast - so the multicast is always coming through the WDS connection, but for some reason the Yealink T48G WiFi adapter doesn’t receive it. When a hardwired phone from Side 1 sends the multicast, the WiFi phone on Side 1 still doesn’t receive the multicast - which takes WDS out of play.

So my new question is: Does multicast work over an AP One AC Mini? I see in the SSID advance settings there is a check box for Multicast Filter, then below that Mulitcast Rate. I do not know what they do however.

Have you enabled IGMP Snooping on the AP at side 1? If so, please disable it and try again. Please find the the screenshot below.

Thanks, yes, that is disabled. After more testing, the WiFi SIP phone - a Yealink T-48G will receive the multicast for up to 135 seconds. If you don’t receive a multicast within that time frame, it stops working until you reset the WiFi adapter on the phone. I continued to receive the multicast for 15 minutes as long as I triggered a multicast page within the 135 seconds, then I waited longer than 135 seconds and it shut down receiving multicast. The phone can still send multicast page, just not receive. Also, the other hard wire phones can still send and receive multicast including over the WDS connection to other hard wired phones. So if the multicast is going over WDS, is it safe to say it should be getting to the WiFi phone via the SSID it’s connected to? I can’t find any timers that are close to 135 seconds. I can create this scenario every time in my test setup. I also have a post open on Yealinks forum site. I’m leaning towards the phone being the issue, but I want to be certain I can rule out the WiFi network. Thanks again for the response.


The only option to rule out this will be perform network packet to confirm whether multicast traffics is send or receive over the WIFI network. Can you open support ticket here ? We can assist here to further investigate the issue by perform packet capture from the AP.

Please ATTN the support ticket to SitLoongs

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