Multi-WAN: Basic Questions

This article tries to address the basics of multi-WAN routers.

What is a multi-WAN router first of all?
A multi-WAN router allows you to connect to multiple ISP connections to increase reliability and bandwidth while lowering total cost.  Peplink’s multi-WAN router even allows you to do this without any ISP’s co-ordination.

Is it compatible with my DSL, Cable, EVDO or [insert link type] connection?
Usually you are given a “modem” device from your service provider to terminate and convert whatever type of connection/link into an Ethernet port. DSL modem or Cable modem fall into this space. Therefore, as long as you are given an Ethernet port (either directly or from a modem), you are ready to go with our device.

Can I subscribe multiple DSL or [insert link type] links from the same ISP?
Yes. The Peplink device will support them just fine. In fact, it will treat them in the way as if they were from different ISPs.

Is Static IP required for all WAN links?
Static IP address is not required for Outbound Load Balancing, but at least two of the WAN links need to have a Static IP for Inbound Load Balancing.

OK, is Peplink device doing multihoming?
Yes, but notice that multihoming has a broader sense in which it covers more scenarios. Think of it this way, there are four (probably more) types of multihoming and Peplink is doing just one of them – multiple links, multiple IP address (spaces) and no routing protocol like BGP is involved.

Does the Peplink device perform BGP routing?
The beauty of Peplink SD-WAN is that it does not require BGP (and thus avoiding its many complications, such as applying for your own IP address space, AS number, and peering relationships).
However, by popular demand, Peplink has added BGP support via firmware updates for the MAX and smaller Balances and the Enterprise Balances . This brings additional flexibility to the product and expands it to new deployment possibilities. Please note for the HD2/4 and the B210, an activation is required (in addition to the update). For the B710/1350/2500, no activation is needed.

(Last updated: May 2018)



Is there a prevision for BGP feature on Media Fast 500 device?

Thiago Rocha