Multi SpeedFusion tunnels

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we had tested the multi SpeedFusion Tunnels but we face below issue:

we created two SpeedFusion Tunnels between two location (1350 and BR1), the tunnels got established, but we noticed from the status of the SpeedFusion that, there is one of them active and the second one is Inactive.
we tried to enforce the traffic to be routed through the second tunnel using outbound policy, but it was still going through the first one even it was enforced to use the second tunnel.
can you please advise about this behaviour, and how to have the multi tunnels active.

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Please refer to the forum link below on how to configure the outbound policy over Speedfusion tunnels.

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we followed all the instructions mentioned in the article, but still getting the other tunnel as inactive.

Can you share your defined configuration for us to check ?

It sounds like you have the Speed Fusion WAN Connection Priority set with two different priorities. This is done on the page where you created the Speed Fusion tunnel.

In order for the tunnel to use two WAN simultaneously, they both need to be set to the same priority (typically priority 1).

If you have different priorities, only the lower priority is active, unless the primary link goes down.

please find below the snapshot of Speedfusion configuration:

and below is the snapshot of Outbound Policy configuration:

and here is the downloaded configuration file:

Let’s move this to support ticket as more thing need you share in-order to confirm the problem.

Please open a support ticket here

P/S: I had removed the configuration file and the configuration screenshot that include the serial number info (Should not share private info via public post)


I tried to enforce the traffic of one user to be routed through the second tunnel and it works fine, but when I’m trying to enforce the VoIP traffic to be routed through the second tunnel, based on the Phones IP range and tryed based on the IPBPX IPs but it doesn’t use the second tunnel.

can you please help on how to enforce the VoIP traffic to go through the tunnel 2.

do you opened the support ticket ? Can you share the ticket number here for me to check on it ?